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why you should still attend a Job Fair

5 Reasons why you should still attend a Job Fair

With the advent of online jobs and online applications, one might wonder why there are still job fairs in malls, schools, and communities. And why do the still matter? Here are our top five reasons why fresh graduates and unemployed people (or anyone!) still should attend job fairs: Networking opportunity. Meeting employers face-to-face is still the way to go, especially for fresh graduates who are first time job seekers. You may also connect with fellow job seekers and exchange contacts with them. Who knows, they might give you unexpected leads or refer you to someone who is looking for the skills you possess. TIP: During job fairs, on-the-spot interviews might be done, so make sure you brought a neatly printed resume and business card, even if you are still unemployed or switching jobs. And always dress to impress. Discovering new jobs. As technology progresses, so as the types of jobs available. Get to know which job openings are available, and maybe you already have the skill they need. Or you could improve or work on a specific skill set needed by the company. TIP: Make sure you take note of the skill sets needed by companies, and look for relevant workshops and trainings so you could improve on these skill sets. 3.Connecting with possible companies. Being out there means letting these companies know that there is someone like you who has a specific skill. The more companies you connect with, the higher the chance of you letting them know that you are looking for a position that will fit you. TIP:Never get tired of talking! Remember, looking for a job is the same as selling yourself. You also develop social skills through public gatherings like job fairs. Researching salary ranges. You may be on the verge of switching companies. Attending job fairs gives you a gauge on how companies peg their salaries for popular positions. TIP: Try to ask the companies if they might be opening for other positions in the next months and keep track of them. One-stop shop for government services. Some job fairs partner with government services like Social Security System and Philhealth. You may apply for these services while in the job fair, than hopping from one office to the other on various days. Lines can get long, but job fairs make them easy for you. So really, is it still worth all our time and effort? Yes, if the job seeker knows how to manage his time and effort while in the job fair. Preparation and strategy are the key elements in achieving that dream job.